Church History

Church History

The Founder and Former Pastor was the first born to Mr. George & Mrs. Roberta Alexander he was named W.E. Alexander.  His mother passed away when he was only twelve years old and he helped care for his seven sisters and brothers by cooking, sewing and all kinds of household chores.

He received Christ in his heart as a young man.  He was gifted with healing and prophecy.  He was the Pioneer of Holiness for the Alexander Family.  Later in life like Moses he felt the pull of God to Pastor.  He opened a small place in the 1600 block of west 47th Street, it was there he would seek God for a name for the church and” Faith Church of God in Christ” was born. A year later they moved to 7320 South Hoover St.

Prior to his demise he mentored his son Pendell Alexander and in 1981, Pastor/Founder W.E. Alexander passed and the baton was passed to Pastor Pendell Alexander.  Under his ministry he started a broadcast ministry.  Nineteen (1981-2000) years later he died and passed the baton to his cousin Pastor Quentin Marrow where he was pastor from 2000-2010 and he died suddenly and the church went through a major loss of membership, there were only a faithful few that helped sustain the ministry.  Bishop Ealy became the interim Pastor for approximately four years.

Sunday September 8th, 2013, Elder Sebra and Sister Pamela Bailey were sent to Faith by Bishop Joe L. Ealy to minister for a few Sundays. After being there a few weeks we are told the membership contacted Bishop Ealy and stated they would like the Bailey’s to remain as their Pastor and 1st Lady. Elder Sebra Bailey became the Elder in charge and on July 13, 2014 Elder Sebra Bailey was installed as Pastor of Faith Church of God in Christ with 1st Lady Pamela Bailey at his side.


Faith was established 1970—1971 on 47th Western, 1972 they moved to 48th Street and 1978 they moved to 74th and Hoover.

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